Lamborghini Huracan Tecnica in DUBAI | 4K

Last of its kind and the end of the chapter. Lamborghini Tecnica is not only the last naturally aspirated Lambo V10, the last Lambo V10, the last production Lambo Huracan, but most importantly, it is THE last non-hybrid Lamborghini. We are thrilled to have been the first customers to take this brand new bull for a ride in three locations in Dubai. The locations are: 1. Meydan Bridge 2. Half Desert Dubai 3. M/Y Stardom AA1 - Dubai Harbour by Xclusive Yachts I f you plan to rent a supercar in Dubai, remember to: 1.Respect the speed limit. 2.Don't drive in the bus lane. 3.Don't do donuts. 4.Don't drive on sand. While all penalties are high, the last two are ridiculously high and may result in the car being impounded. Just don't do them... even outside the city! Filmed on Sony A7SIII & Sony GM 24mm f/1.4, iPhone 14 Pro Max, Insta360 ONE R 1-Inch 360 Edition. Subscribe: My Instagram: Check out