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Faroe Islands

I have some regrets in life as we all have, but spending money on traveling is not one of them. Sure you can use that money to buy a bigger house or a cool car but the lost will be a truly investment in yourself and your growth as a human. Cause in the end we only regrey the chances we didn't take and the decisions we waited too long to make. 💥LINK IN BIO : Our unique experience in Faroe Island . . . #faroe #faroeislands #kokomogo #kalsoy

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The island of the free sheep. Where all sheep are equal and roam as they please. #kalsoy #faroe #faroeisland #kallurinlighthouse

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Best Of Faroe Islands: When To Visit, Best Spots, Map&Tips

If you are looking for the most beautiful places to visit in Faroe Islands, look no further. We got you covered with a complete list of top spots to visit, map to get there and practical tips. We also cover the driving part as this is an important information for you to have before booking your trip in Faroe. #vagar #drangarnir #gasadalur #saksun #faroe #faroeisland #klakkur #fossawaterfall #gjogv #kalsoy

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